PataPawa gives you a simple, faster, reliable and convenient way to buy your Kenya Power prepaid tokens.

As part of our commitment to ensure there is a strong coverage across Kenya, PataPawa has developed an online Vendor registration process. Take advantage of this exciting new opportunity to be an authorized Pre-paid Electricity Sales Agent and see your income grow!

To become part of the PataPawa network please visit: Pata Pawa Vending Services

What is PataPawa?

PataPawa provides a business opportunity for vendors of prepaid electricity tokens. PataPawa is fast, reliable and secure, and provides a complete end-to-end platform to vend and manage an efficient electronic token distribution business.

We will continuously strive to meet and exceed Kenya Power’s distribution requirements by offering excellent customer service, unparalleled support to our Agents and unmatched ease of access to selling points for Kenya’s pre-paid electricity customers.

Committed to our Agents

Vendor Opportunity

  • Zero-cost startup option allows you to create a new business or enhance your existing business.
  • Sell prepaid electricity from your mobile phone, personal computer or dedicated point-of-sales (POS) terminal.
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